grid system

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exposed suspension system, grid system

exposed suspension system
A system for suspending an acoustical ceiling in which the members supporting the acoustical material are visible in the room.
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He said that the project has four units and after every two month another unit would be added to the grid system.
The qualitative analyses of power grid system in subsea with respect to its concept, components, technical knowhow, innovations, and power supply sources are done in an elaborative manner.
Smart grid systems will occupy a crucial position in the future management of European electricity networks, which will increasingly rely on electricity from renewable sources, such as solar and wind power.
The smart grid system is the answer to the problem of how to adapt a National Grid system which is based on output from a relatively small number of large coal or nuclear power stations.
Toshiba Group plans to expand in Europe and to closely support ACEA's smart grid system development plans.
Electronics company Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) announced on Monday that its Italian power systems subsidiary Ansaldo Transmissione & Distribuzione SpA has won a contract to supply a key element of a smart grid system to Rome-based public utility ACEA Distribuzione SpA.
It plans to invest several million pounds over the next five years to further boost its water resources' resilience and its grid system which enables the company to move clean water around the region to where it is most needed through its network of underground pipes.
The objectives of the feasibility study is to determine whether a Smart Grid system will help reduce KESC losses to the degree needed to justify major capital investment in the Smart Grid System.
Addressing a news conference along with other PML-N leaders Khudai Noor and Jamal Shah Kakar at the Quetta Press Club here, he said that West and South Balochistan had been suffering 20 hours long power outages due to sabotage activities and intentionally damage to high transmission line providing electricity to Sibbi Grid Station from Guddo National Grid system.
The most basic common denominator in this process Js the grid system.
On the Use of Mobile Code Technology for Monitoring Grid System.
The founder of West Valley Cycle Sales, Richter is a regional transportation expert who proposed a grid system of accessible Valley public bus routes still in use today.