grid system

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exposed suspension system, grid system

exposed suspension system
A system for suspending an acoustical ceiling in which the members supporting the acoustical material are visible in the room.
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A total of 2,487 MW accumulative capacity was added to the national grid system with commissioning of the said projects, they said.
(CPHGC) achieved yet another very important milestone when Unit 1 of the 2X660MW coal-fired power project successfully synchronized with the national grid system on 28 December 2018.
"We are able to use the grid system to support Scammonden with water from elsewhere in the region.
'With this end in view, there is a need to comply with the system requirements for AS to ensure grid system reliability...NGCP has the mandate to procure the required AS through a procurement contract.
Banner Engineering, a provider of technology for industrial automation, launched the SGS safety grid system for safeguarding equipment access points and long-range perimeters.
The massive laying of pipes for the state water grid system will begin in two years' time, Datuk Seri Stephen Rundie said today.
The new IEC 61850 standard focuses its domain knowledge on the electrical power grid system. It is an object-oriented protocol which utilizes a data modeling scheme that clearly describes each component (such as process objects, protection, and control functionality) of the grid or the substation as standard logical nodes.
AN overhaul of the power grid system in the UK could encourage smarter, cleaner technologies and save households up to PS90 a year by 2030, a think-tank says.
The bilateral agreements were signed for A-A?A1/2The Project for Strengthening Training Center on Grid System Operations and MaintenanceA-A?A1/2 providing a grant up to 994 million Yen (approx.
He said Longannet pays a "punitive" PS40million to connect to the grid due to its location and suggested that the National Grid system was "not fit for purpose".