an urban-type settlement in Trākai Raion. Lithuanian SSR. Situated on the left bank of the Neris River, on the Vilnius-Kaunas highway, 16 km west of Vilnius.

Linked with the Paneriai railroad station by a 6-km branch. Population, 5,000 (1970). There is an experimental paper combine, producing paper for teletypes, cigarette filters, fiber board, and so forth.

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Other brands popular among businesses include Grite by Grigiskes AB and Katrin by MetsEn Tissue Oyj.
Netolygiai pasiskirste ir gamtiniai resursai: didziausia zeldiniu koncentracija yra Verkiu ir Naujosios Vilnios seniunijose, o Naujininkai, Vilkpede, Grigiskes, Justiniskes ir Karoliniskes turi vos po kelis gamtinius objektus.
On A1 highway, variable message signs should be placed in both traffic directions next to Grigiskes, Vievis, Elektrenai, Ziezmariai and Rumsiskes.
Thus, assaults strongly dominate in crime landscape of Paneriai and Naujoji Vilnia, robberies and thefts in Verkiai and motor vehicle thefts in Pasilaiciai, Fabijoniskes and Grigiskes.
The vast meanders of the Neris River cut higher and lower terraces of the following Vilnius quarters: from the Verkiai quarter in the North East, through the Zirmunai, Snipiskes, and Lazdynai quarters, up to the Grigiskes quarter in the West.
According to author's estimations Grigiskes should be able to improve margins significantly in mid-term already and therefore net profit is expected to increase.
Grigiskes was the biggest market player in AFH tissue in Lithuania in 2014.
13 (the VE-3) - GRIGISKES - VE-3 - GRIGISKES - Justinishkes - Future (minimum 22 seats transport services (work days)) - 761 dd;
41 districts and parts of districts were intercompared: Centras I, Centras II, Zverynas, Senamiestis, Naujamiestis, Vilkpede, Snipiskes, Zirmunai, Zirmunai II, Dvareionys, Antakalnis, Belmontas, Rasos, Pavilnys, Naujininkai, Lazdynai, Karoliniskes, Virsuliskes, Seskine, Baltupiai, Santariskes, Verkiai, Naujoji Vilnia, Zemieji Paneriai, Vaidotai, Kirtimai, Uzsienis, Aukstieji Paneriai, Gariunai, Grigiskes, Justiniskes, Pasilaieiai, Pilaite II, Valakampiai, Pilaite I, Medsiakalnis, Fabijoniskes, Gureliai, Traku Voke, Kuprijoniskes, Tarande.