Grigorii Baklanov

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Baklanov, Grigorii Iakovlevich


Born Sept. 11, 1923, in Voronezh. Soviet Russian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1942. Fought in the Great Patriotic War.

Baklanov was graduated from the Gorky Institute of Literature in 1951. His first works were published in 1950. His first novella was In Snegiri (1954). Baklanov became famous through his novellas about the Great Patriotic War— Nine Days (South of the Main Blow, 1958), An Inch of Land (1959), The Dead Know No Shame (1961), July 1941 (1964). He has been awarded the Order of the Red Star and medals.


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Utilizing archival sources, Jones examines the delicate negotiations among writers, editors, and censors that preceded publication of seminal novels of the post-Stalin thaw, including Iurii Dombrovskii's The Keeper of Antiquities--"the fullest fictional portrait of 'the year 1937 [Jones's italics],"' when the Stalinist terror reached its apogee--and Grigorii Baklanov's July 1941, an indictment of "Stalin's strategic errors and terror's impact" on the catastrophic Soviet losses during Germany's Operation Barbarossa (161, 216).
Grigorii Baklanov complained in October 1992 that book publication of serious living Russian authors had virtually ceased.
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