Grigorii Fedorovich Sumbulov

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Sumbulov, Grigorii Fedorovich


(also Sunbulov), a Russian political figure of the early 17th century.

Sumbulov was from an old family of Riazan’ boyars. At the end of the summer of 1606 he headed a detachment of Riazan’ dvoriane (nobility or gentry) in the army of Prince I. M. Vorotynskii, which helped suppress the peasants and cossacks who had begun an insurrection under the leadership of I. I. Bolotnikov. After the defeat of the government troops, Sumbulov joined the insurgents, but on Nov. 15, 1606, he betrayed Bolotnikov near Moscow.

In the winter of 1606–07, as a voevoda (military commander) in Pereiaslavl’-Riazanskii together with P. P. Liapunov, Sumbulov took part in the siege of Tula, which had been taken by Bolotnikov’s insurgents. After an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Tsar Vasilii Shuiskii in February 1609, Sumbulov fled to the Tushino camp. He accompanied the Second False Dmitrii during Dmitrii’s march on Moscow in the summer of 1610 and then went over to the side of the Semiboiarshchina, the boyar government of 1610–12. The subsequent life of Sumbulov remains obscure.

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