Grigorii Gennadi

Gennadi, Grigorii Nikolaevich


Born Mar. 18 (30), 1826, in St. Petersburg; died there Feb. 26 (Mar. 9), 1880. Russian bibliographer.

Gennadi started his bibliographical career in 1849. Until the end of the 1850’s he worked on bibliographies in a variety of unrelated fields. From the 1860’s on he concentrated chiefly on his work A Reference Dictionary of Russian Writers and Scholars.

Gennadi’s major works were The Literature of Russian Bibliography (1858), a systematic annotated index to Russian bibliographical literature, and A Reference Dictionary of Russian Writers and Scholars Who Died in the 18th and 19th Centuries and a List of Russian Books From 1725 to 1825 (vols. 1-3 [letters A-R], Berlin-Moscow, 1876-1908; vol. 4 remained in manuscript), which contains information on Russian writers and scholars who died before 1874 and on books published anonymously between 1725 and 1825. Gennadi was one of the first bibliographers of Pushkin. He edited two editions of the poet’s works published by Ia. A. Isakov (1859-60 and 1869-71); the first edition had an appendix, “Bibliographic List of All Works of A. S. Pushkin …” (1860).


Ivask, U. G. G. I. Gennadi: Obzor zhizni i trudov. Moscow, 1913.
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