Grigorii Roskin

Roskin, Grigorii Iosifovich


Born July 12 (24), 1892, in Vitebsk; died Mar. 16, 1964, in Moscow. Soviet cytologist and histologist.

In 1912, Roskin graduated from Moscow University. He joined the university’s staff in 1913 and was head of the sub-department of cytology and histology from 1930. His principal works were on comparative cytology (especially of smooth muscles), protozoan structure and metabolism, and various nerve and cancer cells. Roskin wrote many works with N. G. Kliueva on the biotherapy of cancer. Roskin was one of the founders of functional cytochemistry.


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Held in the wake of the honor court trial of the cancer researchers Nina Kliueva and Grigorii Roskin, the meetings censured young people for various behaviors perceived as pro-Western, which included demonstrating a fondness for Girl of My Dreams.
This was preparation KR--named after Nina Kliueva and Grigorii Roskin, the personal and scientific partnership who claimed that an extract of a disease causing parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, could dissolve experimental tumours in mice.