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A talisman of Voodoo that can be made for positive or negative purposes. One common form is a bag containing a variety of objects, although sometimes it is in the form of a cloth poppet stuffed with items. There are always an odd number of items, up to thirteen total. Items typically stuffed into the gris-gris include herbs, stones, feathers, hair, nail clippings, bones, and dust.

In West Africa, the word juju is used instead of gris-gris, although this may simply be a European variation of the native word grou-grou, which more probably is the origin of gris-gris.

It is important to note that gris-gris is a part of Voodoo, not Witchcraft. Witches are more likely to use actual talismans, amulets, and poppets in their magic.

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Prosper's apprehension around food, mouths and objects--all mediums through which germs are shared and gris-gris enacted--is grounded in mistrust.
Gris-gris can be enacted through objects that are touched or handled, or sent through mediums that the body absorbs, such as food, water or air.
They told us nothing about the winding roads which had led to these 'gris-gris', nor about these surprising activities which we adored.
One particularly tormenting experience, when de Villiers finds himself following a truck load of corpses in war-torn Angola, is enough to haunt him for several days and sleepless nights before he obtains respite with a remedy from the gris-gris doctor in Kinshasa.
A small movie, "When the Cat's Away" begins when Chloe (Garance Clavel), about to go away on vacation, has to find someone to take care of her cat, Gris-Gris. To save money, she has been living with a gay man, but he's too upset by breaking up with his companion to take on responsibility for the cat.
Loop Garoo's newly acquired mojo renders him impervious to her sexual lures, and with the aid of gris-gris dolls he not only thwarts her attempt to dominate him but expels her completely.
John was born and Rebennack got his first personal recordings done in what became "Gris-Gris," a 1967 classic of underground American music.
Two festival stages, "Gris-Gris" (a Hoodoo good luck charm) and "Jambalaya" will add to the N'awlins feel.
Wanga Dolls: To create discord History: The Wanga Doll is not strictly speaking the domain of the Medicine Man and some folks dismiss it as nothing but mere gris-gris on account of that.
Traditional healing is deeply rooted in West African culture and believers claim that wearing a talisman called a 'gris-gris' will protect them from bullets, plane crashes...and pregnancy!
Like his figurative sculptures (each of which bears a central, glass-covered vessel filled with a mysterious mixture of elements--Kongo nkisi charms by way of New Orleans voodoo gris-gris) the yard, shack, and tree that comprised Spirit House were visually and metaphorically polyvalent.
When Moses had wailed out his protest and reminded them of the spirits it contained, they had rolled their eyes at him and told him that his magic was 'gris-gris' and that Pasteur Etinne could put a hex on him any time he chose.