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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A talisman of Voodoo that can be made for positive or negative purposes. One common form is a bag containing a variety of objects, although sometimes it is in the form of a cloth poppet stuffed with items. There are always an odd number of items, up to thirteen total. Items typically stuffed into the gris-gris include herbs, stones, feathers, hair, nail clippings, bones, and dust.

In West Africa, the word juju is used instead of gris-gris, although this may simply be a European variation of the native word grou-grou, which more probably is the origin of gris-gris.

It is important to note that gris-gris is a part of Voodoo, not Witchcraft. Witches are more likely to use actual talismans, amulets, and poppets in their magic.

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Whether discussing the San peoples' dilemma with a Botswana government official over a meat pie and Coke in the Okavango Delta, getting to know a young Muslim returning from Mecca to his home in Accra, a dhow-maker on the island of Lamu, a school teacher from Niger, a crocodile wrestler in Zimbabwe, a one-legged bicycle taximan in Sofala or a gris-gris doctor in Kinshasa - the encounters with fellow Africans and others are skilfully and intimately recounted.
One particularly tormenting experience, when de Villiers finds himself following a truck load of corpses in war-torn Angola, is enough to haunt him for several days and sleepless nights before he obtains respite with a remedy from the gris-gris doctor in Kinshasa.
About ten minutes later, Hammons pedaled in through a back door on his black bike, adorned with chains, gris-gris, and bags.
A small movie, "When the Cat's Away" begins when Chloe (Garance Clavel), about to go away on vacation, has to find someone to take care of her cat, Gris-Gris.
Renee then gives her the bad news that Gris-Gris is missing, but puts her network of cat-loving (and lonely) old ladies to work on the case.
Loop Garoo's newly acquired mojo renders him impervious to her sexual lures, and with the aid of gris-gris dolls he not only thwarts her attempt to dominate him but expels her completely.
Wanga Dolls: To create discord History: The Wanga Doll is not strictly speaking the domain of the Medicine Man and some folks dismiss it as nothing but mere gris-gris on account of that.