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, Ger. Graubünden, Ital. Grigioni, Romansch Grischun, canton (1990 pop. 169,005), 2,746 sq mi (7,112 sq km), E Switzerland, bordering on Italy and Austria. Chur is the capital.
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, Switzerland.
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They have no emotional attachment to Rumantsch Grischun, which they see as a threat to the local idiom.
"When the Graubunden parliament decided in 2003 that Rumantsch Grischun would be used in all school materials as of 2005, a large part of the population felt they were not sufficiently integrated into the decision-making process.
Linard Martinelli, president of the Vallader-speaking village of Lavin in the Lower Engadine and head of the 190-member Conferenza generala Ladina (CHL), the regional teachers' association, is strongly committed to reinvigorating Romansh in the region; however, equally strongly, he is resisting the implantation of Rumantsch Grischun.
Moritz"--he feels that the major challenge is reviving the existing language, so introducing Rumantsch Grischun would be an impediment to this aim.
"We have just burned a CD-ROM with translations of about 170 pages of geography and history text, from Rumantsch Grischun to our local languages."
"Rumantsch Grischun is not a bad idea in itself," she admits, "but it is a synthetic language." Her primary interest is strengthening the existing Romansh within the school system and extending it to the upper grades.
Despite the problems, and regardless of the outcome of the Rumantsch Grischun debate, Sedlacek remains optimistic about the future of her language, relating an anecdote to prove her point: "One hundred years ago, in 1910, a man made a bet of 100 francs that Romansh wouldn't still be around in 100 years.
What is his view on the controversy surrounding the adoption of Rumantsch Grischun?