Gritsko Grigorenko

Grigorenko, Grits’ko


(pseudonym of Aleksandra Evgen’evna Sudovshchikova-Kosach). Born in 1867 in the village of Makar’evo, Kostroma Province; died Apr. 27, 1924. Ukrainian writer.

Grigorenko wrote stories of peasant life of the late 19th and early 20th century (collections of stories Folks in Our Village, 1898; Migrants, and To the People), children’s stories (the collection Kiddies, 1918), and plays (Father). Grigorenko presented a truthful picture of the impoverishment of the masses of peasants, the backwardness of the countryside before the revolution, and the hard life of peasant women. Her stories have a folk narrator and draw upon folklore and ethnographic elements. She later wrote short sketches and psychological essays (the cycle Feelings and Moods and Sketches). Some of her works were influenced by naturalism.


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