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a former city in Rumania, now the northwestern section of Bucharest. There are large locomotive and railroad-car repair shops in Grivija.

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It lies in the central-northern part of the city, between Unirii, Decebal and Muncii boulevards, the National Stadium, and Obor Station in the east; Regie-Orhideelor area, the North Station (Grivita Road--Buzesti Street), Kiseleff Highway and Herastrau Park in the west.
The connection between the Kiseleff Road and the Grivita Avenue is via the Exhibition Avenue and the Clabucet Street.
Yet, the adhesion of the peasants and workers to the communist movement was rather reduced after 1924, although, on the occasion of the strikes from Grivita, the Romanian communists were rather vocal, a proof of that being the political processes after 1933, and the prisons from Caransebes, Doftana, Targu-Jiu, where there were taken the arrested communists.
(16) This would have affected people close to Dej, such as Gheorghe Vasilichi, who had fought in Spain and befriended Patrascanu, but who had also participated in the Grivita railroad strike with Dej in 1933.
The third team went out to Romania on tour in late March when they will visited Bucharest and delivered the kit to Rugby Club Grivita.
Replacements: M Codea (Farul Constanta), M Ciolacu (Albertville), B Munteanu (Dinamo Bucharest), G Pasache (Dinamo Bucharest), M Dragomir (Steaua Bucharest), P Toderasc (Farul Constanta), S Florea (Grivita Bucharest).
ROMANIA: V Ghioc (Dinamo), M PIcolu (Farul), I Teodorescu (Croiava), N Oprea (Dinamo), G Brezoianu (Bordeaux), C Lupu (Dinamo), M Ciolacu (Albertville), I Tofan (Steau), B MUntean (Dinamo), R Stanca (Dinamo), L Sarbu (Steau), P Balan (Grenoble), M Sociacu (Rovigo), S Soare (Dinamo), D Tudosa (Steau), P Toderasc (Farul), S Demici (Dinamo), L Dumitrescu (Grivita), V Nedelcu (Dinamo), M Dragomir (Dinamo), M Pantelimon (Farul), M Bejan (Barlad), D Iacob (Farul), A Petrache (Dinamo)
The French group will use facilities at Romanian railway carriage makers Astra-Vagoane and Atelierele CFR Grivita over the next two years to modernise the cars.