a former city in Rumania, now the northwestern section of Bucharest. There are large locomotive and railroad-car repair shops in Grivija.

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Contract award notice: Wagon and passenger wagon cleaning services at bucharest grivita wagon revision, Bucharest basarab wagon revision and bucharest depot travelers - automobile removal - divided into 3 lots.
16) This would have affected people close to Dej, such as Gheorghe Vasilichi, who had fought in Spain and befriended Patrascanu, but who had also participated in the Grivita railroad strike with Dej in 1933.
The third team went out to Romania on tour in late March when they will visited Bucharest and delivered the kit to Rugby Club Grivita.
The French group will use facilities at Romanian railway carriage makers Astra-Vagoane and Atelierele CFR Grivita over the next two years to modernise the cars.
Contract award notice: Servicii de pregatire a terenului si solului cu utilaje grele n vederea mpaduririi la Ocolul Silvic Galati, Hanu Conachi, Tecuci si Grivita.
The purchase of services "wash bedding (sheet envelope, sheet bed and pillow), quilts, pillows, tablecloths, naproane and towels that have sleeping cars, couchette, bar and restaurant in Wagon Revision Bucharest grivita "and" wash bedding (sheet envelope, bed sheet and pillowcase) which are equipped with sleeping cars and berth in Mangalia Wagon Revision.
The Wagon Revision Bucharest Grivita and Basarab Bucharest Wagon Revision" - divided into 2 groups
Contract award notice: sanitation coaches (class) revision coaches at grivita bucharest, bucharest basarab cars at depot buc respectively.
Contract awarded for Prevention, intervention in case of fire and emergencies for Bucharest Passengers Depot, Depot Motorcar including Bucharest, Ploiesti Depot, Wagon Revision Bucharest Grivita "- divided in 3 groups
Tenders are invited for Sanitation Coaches (Class) Revision Coaches at Grivita Bucharest, Bucharest Respectively Basarab Cars at Buc Depot Travelling - Stalemate Motorcar - Divided into 3 Groups
Bacovia), Bacau; Val Is Estimated That 17 745 Lei Without Vat and Unforeseen Expenses 845Lei Div, Representing 5% of the Estimated Value; Lot 2 - Development and Technical Documentation - Economic - Phase Sf, Integration Sadu Distributor Grivita (St.