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What does it mean when you dream about groceries?

Groceries in dreams indicate abundance of nourishment for either the body or the soul. They also indicate a “grocery” list depicting the many chores and obligations one is trying to accomplish. (See also Food).

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It helps a lot when you're on a fixed income,'' said Mark Johnston, who is both a client and a volunteer who hands out the groceries.
Instead of just groceries, Disco Virtual also offers gift certificates for use in the grocery store.
groceries use plastic bags, and seven percent offer only plastic, according to the Food Marketing Institute.
Grocery Outlet carries refrigerated and frozen foods, fresh produce, organics, dry groceries, beer and wine, health and beauty care, fresh vitamins, household products, toys and gifts.
Enterprise Courier, which specializes in same-day delivery of financial and legal documents, could add groceries to its list of deliveries - applying the same principles of customer service and speedy response on which the company is based.
Now, at more than 21,000 grocery stores that partner with Upromise and GSN, consumers can not only save money on groceries, they can also earn and save money for college.
At this time of year, consumers are looking for ways to save on necessities like groceries so they have more money in their pocket for all of the additional expenses that come with the holiday season," said Les Howe, president and CEO of Boodle.
Survey Explores Shopper Attitudes & Behaviors Toward Buying Groceries Online
Wal-Mart has another tool in its expansion plans, a smaller-format Supercenter that still offers groceries and regular goods but fits into a 99,000-square-foot package.
SAN DIEGO -- Anyone who buys groceries has the potential to save money by checking out a new online resource before checking out at the supermarket.
Sparing harried shoppers the agony of trying to find a parking spot in an overcrowded lot, only to endure long lines at the check stand, a new online service from Vons will now deliver groceries to a customer's front door in a matter of hours.
I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am that you're offering groceries covered by Amazon Prime shipping.