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What does it mean when you dream about groceries?

Groceries in dreams indicate abundance of nourishment for either the body or the soul. They also indicate a “grocery” list depicting the many chores and obligations one is trying to accomplish. (See also Food).

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Owen, destroyed competition here in Berkeley when your branch store drove the three small groceries out of business.
When you squeezed out the three small groceries here in Berkeley by virtue of your superior combination, you swelled out your chest, talked about efficiency and enterprise, and sent your wife to Europe on the profits you had gained by eating up the three small groceries.
That was why we were permitted to go down and buy out the little groceries in the working-class neighbourhoods.
To my surprise, I learned that the small groceries where I had bought in the morning were sold out.
She could have informed you that there was such a word as "polygamy," and being also acquainted with "polysyllable," she had deduced the conclusion that "poly" mean "many"; but she had had no idea that gypsies were not well supplied with groceries, and her thoughts generally were the oddest mixture of clear-eyed acumen and blind dreams.
- Table Household Weekly Average Spending on Groceries, 2009 vs.
Marc Lore, President and CEO, Walmart eCommerce U.S., said in a statement: "Customers have more choices than ever before when it comes to how they get their groceries. They can shop with us in stores, order online for free pickup, or have groceries delivered to their front doors.
Merrymart aims to serve as a platform for the existing local and traditional groceries to 'convert and be part of a modern branded retail chain network while retaining ownership of the store as a franchisee.' The pitch is for the smaller and fragmented grocery operators to 'future-proof themselves and keep them relevant for the next many decades and also enable them to bridge the ongoing shift from traditional retail to modern retail.' This shift is seen inevitable when a developing country evolves to eventually become a first world country.
However, the longer-term challenge these e-tailers face is that only a small minority of shoppers purchase groceries online even just one time.
Amazon is certainly not a grocery store, but it does own one (Whole Foods), and it does sell groceries on
After arriving at the Whole Foods Market store, customers park in a designated pickup spot and a Prime Now shopper will place groceries into their car within minutes.
From limited stocks, traffic jams, parking issues, the hot weather, consumers face a host of issues when they step out for their daily/weekly groceries. We recognized the need gap in the market and decided to introduce the Wadi Grocery App to ensure that our customers get everything delivered at their doorstep within two hours."