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(also soft hail), a solid type of atmospheric precipitation in the form of opaque, white, frosted spherical pellets with a diameter of 2–5 mm. Graupel particles, in contrast to snowflakes, do not have a discernible crystalline form. They are created by coagulation processes (seeCOAGULATION OF CLOUD ELEMENTS) as snow crystals pass through clouds containing supercooled drops of water. Upon collision, the drops settle on the crystals and form snowlike pellets. Graupel generally falls when the air temperature is approximately 0°C.

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by Lieutenant Colonel Blue Huber, Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Groppel, and Major Maximillian Renard
The key, Groppel said, is to recognise that you will never eliminate stress from your life.
Groppel A (1993) Store design and experience-orientated consumers in retailing: A comparison between the United States and Germany.
Em um estudo com 10 tenistas homens universitarios da 1 divisao americana, Bergeron e colaboradores citado por Groppel e Roetert (1992), encontraram que, apesar do tenis ser caracterizado por periodos de exercicios de alta intensidade, em geral o metabolismo responsavel e o de exercicio prolongado de intensidade moderada.
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To function at high levels, a corporate executive needs as much stamina as a professional athlete, says Jack Groppel in his book, The Corporate Athlete: How to Achieve Maximal Performance in Business and Life (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Jack Groppel - Co-founder of the Human Performance Institute and Vice President of Applied Science and Performance Training at Wellness & Prevention, Inc.
Repeat impact from the ball hitting the racket when one-handed backhand stroke is performed is believed to be related to tennis elbow syndrome (Roetert and Groppel, 2001).
Tais expressoes da forca podem ser analisadas tanto em conjunto como individualmente, pois, de acordo com Groppel e Roetert (1992) a performance muscular e dependente de inumeros fatores envolvidos no movimento humano.
Groppel will look at the opportunities and benefits of using sports science techniques to improve individual performance in the business world.
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Although a variety of biomechanics texts have effectively summarised forehand biomechanics (Elliott et al, 2003; Knudson, 2006; Gray, 1974; Groppel, 1992; Plagenhoef, 1970), their focus has not necessarily been to consider the tenets of skill acquisition research that may aid the contextualisation of stroke technique (i.