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Reports said the kasugpong get 10 percent from the gross harvest as their share or payment.
The expected gross harvest (harvest of the current year) is about 17 million tons, carryover - 4 million tons, that is, the export potential - 8-9 million tons," Khasenov added.
Table 1: Gross harvest and prices for buckwheat in the Altai Krai (according to the Altay Krai stat, 2014).
region will not affect the growth of the gross harvest as compared to 2012.
The agricultural division's results were strong due to favourable weather conditions during the 2010-11 harvesting season: gross harvest nearly doubled YoY from 118,600 tonnes to 230,500 tonnes, while cultivated land decreased 14% YoY to 56,800 ha.
According to the gross harvest, Ozory JSC is leading in harvesting from 1 hectare - JSC "Agrofirma Sosnovka", - said Andrei Razin.
Gross harvest of sugar beet by the results of 2017 increased by 15% in comparison with the average yield for the period 2012-2016.
On the gross harvest and yield of sugar beet, the region ranks second in the Volga Federal District.
The deputy chairman stressed that the region is on the second place in the district by the gross harvest of maize for grain with an indicator of 203 thousand tons and in the first place in the district for yields with an indicator of 61 centners per hectare.