Gross Harvest

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Gross Harvest


of agricultural crops:

(1) Economic gross harvest is the volume of different crops cultivated, with a calculated factor of losses that appear to be unavoidable in given economic and organizational conditions and a given level of technology. Economic gross harvest data cover the years 1933-39.

(2) Gross harvest in the field means the production of different agricultural crops cultivated on currently utilized arable land at the moment of complete ripening of the harvest (the so-called biological harvest). Data for this category of gross harvest cover the period 1933-53.

The gross harvest of agricultural crops for the period 1933-53 has been recalculated as the gross product of the agricultural sector of the economy.

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Gross harvest in bunker weight amounted to 885.6 thousand tons.
The gross harvest of potatoes in 2018 was 1.301 million tons, which is 56,500 tons more than 2017.
Gross harvest of potatoes amounted to 103,000 tons.
Reports said the kasugpong get 10 percent from the gross harvest as their share or payment.
Gross harvest of oilseeds increased by 3.3%, potatoes - 2%, vegetables - 5.3%, melons - 12.6%.
"The expected gross harvest (harvest of the current year) is about 17 million tons, carryover - 4 million tons, that is, the export potential - 8-9 million tons," Khasenov added.
Table 1: Gross harvest and prices for buckwheat in the Altai Krai (according to the Altay Krai stat, 2014).
region will not affect the growth of the gross harvest as compared to 2012.
The agricultural division's results were strong due to favourable weather conditions during the 2010-11 harvesting season: gross harvest nearly doubled YoY from 118,600 tonnes to 230,500 tonnes, while cultivated land decreased 14% YoY to 56,800 ha.
Gross harvest of grain for 2017 in net weight amounted to 20.6 million tons with a yield of 14.4 centners per hectare, Kazinform reported.