Gross Output of Agriculture

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Gross Output of Agriculture


the part of the gross social product created in the sphere of agriculture. It represents the production in monetary terms of farming and livestock raising during a given period.

The gross output of farming includes all the products of field-crop cultivation, cultivation of meadows, vegetable growing, and orchard and vineyard cultivation; moreover, the growth in value is added (or the decrease subtracted) of the unfinished production for the year, and the value of young multiyear plantings is added. The gross output of livestock raising includes all the raw products of fur farming, beekeeping, sericulture, fish breeding, and cattle, swine, horse, reindeer, and rabbit breeding; it consists of the value obtained from the offspring and from the growth of the young stock reared during the year, the value gained from increases in the weight of livestock as a result of fattening, and also the value of all raw products obtained in the process of economic utilization of cattle and fowl that is unconnected to their slaughter (milk, wool, eggs, and the like). Excluded from the gross output of agriculture are products obtained from the processing of agricultural raw goods (such as meat, leather, vegetable oil, wine, and canned food) and products gathered in forests or obtained as a result of industrial fishing and hunting. Part of the gross output of agriculture is in the form of commodities, whereas a substantial part of the production is used for intrafarm needs in the sphere of agriculture itself. The gross output of agriculture is calculated in current and comparable prices. In the USSR, comparable (or constant) prices are used to calculate the dynamics of the gross output of agriculture over longer periods of time. The prices of agricultural products in 1965 have been used as comparison prices since 1965. During the period 1950-69, the gross output of agriculture grew from 39.3 billion rubles to 78.9 billion rubles.


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The gross output of agriculture in Chui region totaled 10.8 billion soms and 8.9 million soms in the Osh region for the current period.
The gross output of agriculture, forestry and fisheries products and services grew 4 percent, Kazakh Agriculture Minister Umirzak Shukeyev said.
The gross output of agriculture amounted to 960.5 billion tenge with 2.5% growth during the reporting period.