Grosser, Paul

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Grosser, Paul


Born Aug. 11, 1902, in Ventspils, in the present-day Latvian SSR. American economist and historian.

From 1921 to 1928, Crosser studied at the University of Berlin and the Economic Institute. In 1934 he emigrated to the USA. In 1935–36, he helped work out the American program to deal with the problems of unemployment and in 1943 became an adviser on foreign economic and labor problems in the War Department. In 1956 he was appointed a professor of economics at Adelphi University, a private school in New York.

Crosser is a specialist in the history and methodology of economic thought. His critical analysis of the subjective school, an important trend in vulgar bourgeois political economics and one that plays a significant role in the ideological justification of the capitalistic order, reveals both the reactionary essence and the scientific groundlessness of the trend. Crosser shows that all the fundamental economic categories of the subjective school are fictions devoid of real economic content.


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In Russian translation:
Ekonomicheskie fiktsii. Moscow, 1962.


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