Artur Grottger

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Grottger, Artur


Born Nov. 11, 1837, in Ottyniowice. present-day Otynevichi, Zhidachov Raion, L’vov Oblast; died Dec. 13, 1867, in Amélie-les-Bains, France. Polish painter and graphic artist. Exponent of romanticism.

Grottger studied in L’vov (1848–52) with J. Maszkowski and J. Kossak, at the School of Fine Arts in Kraków (1852–54), and at the Vienna Academy of Art (1855–58). He created a series of cartoons (black and white chalk) devoted to dramatic events in the national liberation struggle and the Polish Uprising of 1863–64. He painted historical subjects, portraits, and battle and genre scenes. In Grottger’s work realism and patriotic and heroic themes are combined with elements of academicism and mystical symbolism.


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Their silent tragedies were later presented on canvas by painter Artur Grottger.
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