ground power unit

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ground power unit (GPU)

An external power source providing a power supply for the aircraft system, engine starting, and aircraft servicing.
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The blaze broke out as workers at Manchester airport attached a ground power unit to the front of the plane.
According to sources, the PIA's Boeing 777 had been stranded as the aircraft's Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) was not working properly and the ground power unit at the airport was also not in working condition so the aircraft remained grounded at the Bujumbura (Burundi) airport for four days.
Mechanics, when an aviation ground power unit (AGPLI) is connected to an aircraft and powered up (with the outpower switch in the ON position), did you know the AGPU's electrical and hydraulic power can cause aircraft components or systems to activate inadvertently?
However, since the door of the cargo-hold required power for opening, external power source (ground power unit) was required to connect to the disabled aircraft.
We overcame this problem by using the ground power unit (GPU) you listed on Page 8 of PS 622 (Sep 04).
Almost every crew chief or mechanic has used an aviation ground power unit (AGPU).
You can solve this problem by buying a ground power unit (GPU), NSN 6130-01475-5321, for your motor pool.