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The recording electrode and grounding electrode was placed on the skin overlying the muscle supplied by the nerve.
Only 7 trainees practiced self-placement of the grounding electrode, while only 28 were into the habit of checking for metal removal before surgery.
The simplest way to bond your coax to the rest of the house is to run the cables through a grounding block, and then run a wire from the block to the grounding electrode (ground rod) or other qualifying grounding connection point.
The different calculation methods, the ground resistance, are based on the determination of the potential or capacitance of the grounding electrode.
5 percent CEC efficiency, the new M215 now includes Integrated Ground technology that eliminates the need for a grounding electrode conductor (GEC) to be attached to each microinverter.
When uniform grid FDTD method is used to analyze grounding systems, huge computational resources will be involved because of the electrically small size of the grounding electrode compared with the whole computational domain.
The grounding electrode is considered as a transmission line and the parameters per unit length are calculated from the expressions given in [5-8].
It is recommended to apply the diode with resistor in series (as current limiter) between the transformer neutral point and grounding electrode.
The MC Series Connectors and MCC Series Couplings are used to bond a grounding electrode conductor to an enclosure or raceway.
The grounding electrode conductor should be as large as possible, and at least 6 AWG.
Keywords: Parallel Processing, High Performance Processing, Concrete Encased Grounding Electrode, Parallel Programming Tool.
They use up to 60,000 volts at frequencies of 20-30 kHz to treat small oriented parts with a grounding electrode under the conveyor.