Growth Inhibitors

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Growth Inhibitors


substances that retard the growth of plants (suppress the opening of buds, germination of seeds, and growth of the stem).

Natural growth inhibitors accumulate in large quantities in the tissues of buds and seeds in autumn, when the growth processes cease in the transition of the plant to a dormant state. In the spring, before the opening of buds and germination of seeds, the content of growth inhibitors decreases sharply. Among the natural growth inhibitors are phenolic compounds (coumarin and its derivatives, salicyclic acid, naringenin) and terpenoid compounds (abscissic acid and its analogs). Growth inhibitors are capable of suppressing the stimulatory effect of all known phytohormones on growth processes. Synthetic growth inhibitors are used to treat plants for the purpose of retarding their growth; they include antagonists to auxin transport (tri-iodobenzoic acid, dichloranisol, naphthylmethylpropionic acid), retardants that suppress stem growth (SSS, AMO-1618, V-9), morphactins that disrupt morphogenesis (fluorenol, chlorfluorenol), and paralyzers (maleic hydrazide, sodium salt of maleic hydrazide).


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Additional growth inhibitors in facial bone contouring market amount to insufficient skill and expertise and lack of favorable reimbursement policy, more emphatically across low and mid income countries.
Product recalls and absence of trained healthcare providers, low cognizance with regard to new EVAR treatment options, and risk of end leaks along with associated complications are some of the key growth inhibitors confining adoption rate of aortic stent grafts.
'Certain proteins in the seed seem to act as growth inhibitors on microorganisms,' Echo says.
From the start, Slininger and ARS chemical engineer Bruce Dien were after yeasts that had unique abilities, such as thriving in the presence of growth inhibitors produced during pretreatment and producing exceptionally high amounts of oily fat.
Nogo Trap is a decoy receptor that binds the growth inhibitors, allowing the body to grow nerve fibers naturally and directly targeting restoration across all facets of growth.
Many compounds are present in these plant extracts that have effect on insect growth, development and behavior, acting as attractants, antifeedants, repellents, toxins, fumigants and insect growth inhibitors (Singh and Jain, 1987; Champagne et al., 1992; Carlini and Grossi-de-Sa, 2002; Cox, 2004; Kubo, 2006).
Serum is a complex mix of albumins, growth factors and growth inhibitors which is also a source of amino acids, proteins, vitamins (A, D, E, and K), carbohydrates, lipids, hormones, growth factors, minerals, and trace elements.
The literature cites that Type-II growth inhibitors used in lawns, such as trinexapac-ethyl and prohexadione-calcium, are not very efficient at avoiding the emergence of flower rachises, because they interfere with the biosynthesis of gibberellins and, consequently, with the reduction of cell elongation (Mittlesteadt et al., 2009).
The most prominent difference is the inclusion of hair growth inhibitors in the Lady Bump Stopper line.
The most active compounds as growth inhibitors were 2, 7 and 9.

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