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annual ring, growth ring

A layer of wood produced during one year of a tree’s growth.
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Growth rings indicate how pollution has affected the life of the plant year by year.
A similar technique is used to count growth rings in commercially important abalone species.
The number of growth rings on the scales was checked with a stereoscopic microscope and an ocular micrometer to obtain the distance between center (focus or nucleus) and anterior margin of scale (radius, mm) and the distance from the center to growth ring (mm).
If you find an oak board with wide growth rings and a coarse appearance there is a good chance it is a red oak.
A tree's pattern of growth rings provides important information, says Pederson.
Grain is defined by the average width of annual growth rings on a tree.
The lumen diameter (DL) presented high variability between growth rings. This could be related to the decrease of growth rings due to increased age of the wood and, consequently, a higher proportion of early wood than latewood.
Hubacz said growth rings indicate the majority of the trees in the West Brookfield Road parcels to be about 80 years old, either planted or seeded on what had been farm pasture.
"The lace figure starts out as a small pebble and develops into large flakes as one cuts perpendicular to the growth rings. Due to the size of the log and the color ranges it is difficult to get large sequences of similar lace character."
Mechanical and anatomical properties in individual growth rings of plantation-grown Eastern cottonwood and loblolly pine.
There have been studies to determine the accuracy of aging a turtle by counting the growth rings (called annul!) on the scutes (individual scales) of turtle shells, similar to how foresters determine the age of trees.