Grušas, Juozas

Grūšas, Juozas


Born Nov. 16 (29), 1901, in Žhadžiunai, in present-day Ŝiauliai Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Soviet Lithuanian writer.

Grūŝas graduated from the University of Kaunas in 1932. He began publishing his work in 1925. He is the author of the collections of short stories Mrs. Bertulene (1928), The Heavy Hand (1937), and The Light of Anger (1969) and of the novel The Careerists (1935). Under Soviet power he has worked mainly in the field of drama. The plays Father and Son (1944), Smoke (1956), Gerkus Mantas (1957), Wedding Anniversary (1959), Professor Mark Vidin (1963), The Mystery of Adorno Brunzos (1967), and Love, Jazz, and the Devil (1967) resolve the problems of morality and man’s responsibility to history and the people.


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