Grubian, Matvei Mikhailovich

Grubian, Matvei Mikhailovich


Born Mar. 30 (Apr. 12), 1909, in the small town of Sokolovka, in present-day Kiev Oblast, Soviet Jewish poet.

Grubian graduated from the literature department of the Minsk Pedagogical Institute in 1938. He fought in the Great Patriotic War (1941–45). Grubian’s works began to be published in 1930. In 1935 the first collection of his poems, Our of the Cellar and Into the Sun, came out in Minsk. Grubian was also the author of the collections Lyrics (1940), Song of Courage (1947), On the Tracks of War (Byelorussian translation, 1947), I Was Calling You, Life (Russian translation, 1958), The Springs (Russian translation, 1962), and The Boat and the Current (Russian translation, 1967).


Fun keler af der zun. Minsk, 1935.
Lirik. Minsk, 1940.
Gezang vegn mut. Moscow, 1947.


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