Gruppa Starukh Narodovoltsev

Gruppa Starukh Narodovol’tsev


(Group of Veteran Members of Narodnaia Volia [People’s Will]), a Russian group of revolutionary émigrés in Paris in the 1890’s, including P. L. Lavrov, M. N. Oshanina, N. S. Rusanov, I. A. Rubanovich, and E. A. Serebriakov. With a printing press at their disposal in Geneva, the Gruppa Starykh Narodovol’tsev developed a publishing venture, issuing pamphlets. From 1893 to 1896 the group’s press published Materials for the History of the Russian Social Revolutionary Movement (seven issues), a nonperiodical collection edited by Lavrov and Rusanov. Its second part, “From the Homeland and to the Homeland,” was devoted primarily to topical questions.

The Gruppa Starykh Narodovol’tsev endeavored to carry on the ideological tradition of the People’s Will and contribute to circles in Russia that were close to this tradition. In 1901, Rusanov and Rubanovich participated in the founding of Vestnik russkoi revoliutsii, which became the theoretical organ of the Socialist Revolutionary Party.


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