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(organic chemistry)
C6H4(OH)OCH3 A colorless, crystalline compound, soluble in water; used as a reagent to determine the presence of such substances as lignin, narceine, and nitrous acid.



an organic compound with a strong, characteristic smell. It is a monomethyl ether of pyrocatechol. Colorless crystals: melting point, 28.4° C; boiling point, 205° C. Readily soluble in ethanol and chloroform and poorly soluble in petroleum ether; it dissolves iodine and sulfur. Ferric chloride gives an alcohol solution of guaiacol a blue coloration verging on green. Guaiacol is present in the distillation products of guaiacum, in the high-boiling distillates of beech tar, and in the dry distillation products of wood of leaf-bearing and coniferous species.

Guaiacol is produced synthetically by partial methylation of pyrocatechol or by diazotization of o-anisidine and decomposition of the diazo compound with water. It is used to synthesize vanillin and medicinal preparations.

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The smoky flavour is attributed to phenols, and in particular guaiacol, which is much more common in Scottish whiskies than in American or Irish ones.
Computed spin densities and atomic charges reveal various degrees of influence of the axial ligands on the Cu-porphyrin electronic structure, which may be related to the notably different changes induced by each ligand (imidazole, nitrite, guaiacol and ABTS) on the EPR superhyperfine splitting, but with an unexpectedly strong dependence on choice of the computational methodology.
The activity of peroxidase antioxidant enzyme was assayed by following the guaiacol dehydrogenation spectrophotometrically at 436 nanometres [32].
Al-Abadleh selected two organics: the aromatic oil derivative guaiacol and the natural anti-oxidant catechol, as model compounds in atmospheric aerosols.
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Conforme mostrado no Esquema 3, os principais produtos quimicos gerados (fenois, guaiacol, cresol, eugenol, siringol e catecois) [29, 30], bem como os seus produtos de oxidagao (vanilina, siringaldeido, coniferaldeido, acido vanilico, acido ferulico, etc.
2010) working with cattle fed with high grain diets based on corn tested a product (Crina Ruminants[R]) composed of multiple active ingredients of numerous essential oils, such as thymol, eugenol, vanillin, guaiacol, limolene and a control (without additive addition) and did not observe difference on feed intake.
The Proudly made in concept relates to the unrivalled fully integrated production chain from ex-catechol, guaiacol, vanillin that Solvay initiated more than a century ago in the manufacturing of its Rhovanil vanillin and Rhodiarome ethyl-vanillin flagship products.