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island of the Bahamas, West Indies. Many historians believe that it was the first land sighted by Columbus in the New World in 1492. The indigenous population called it Guanahani, and it has also been named Watling or Watlings Island.
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, island.
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El brujo Jedeco, en una reunion de la comunidad nutabe, cuenta: "Cuatro viajes realizo Colon de 1492 a 1505, en los cuales reconocio los litorales y dejo las fundaciones que requeria en los antes dominios de Guanahani, Haiti, Borinquen, Jamaica, Cubaga, Chiriqui y el propio golfo del Darien" (Legretti, 1983, p.
(3.2636-43) Since Lope accepts the notion of the Devil's mimetic desire in the New World, it is unsurprising that the triumph of Catholicism begins with the expulsion of the false Indian gods from the Caribbean island of Guanahani. The European sailors--who in Lope's comedia are more interested in American gold and women than in the propagation of the faith--place a wooden cross in the temple that the natives dedicate to Ongol.
Sunshine at Le Guanahani" retreat from March 2-5 led by David Romanelli who made his mark creating yoga, chocolate and wine retreats for foodies.
Spain dispatched Christopher Columbus to find a shorter route to India, but his voyage took him to San Guanahani and to the coast of Cuba.
Carew recalls that it was on 12 October 1492, nine months after the fall of Granada, that Columbus landed on the beaches of the Taino island of Guanahani. "Thus, Spain claimed that it had discovered a 'new world', and it embarked upon a shameful course of genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Americas that made their atrocities against the conquered Moors pale by comparison.
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