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(both: yäng`jō`), city (1994 est. pop. 355,500), Jiangsu prov., China, on the Grand Canal. It is an agricultural market and transportation center with textile and other light industries. An ancient walled city, Yangzhou was in the 6th cent. one of the three capitals of the SuiSui
, dynasty of China that ruled from 581 to 618. This short-lived dynasty reunified China in 589 after 400 years of division and laid the foundation for further consolidation under the T'ang dynasty.
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 dynasty and was later an important cultural center under the T'angT'ang
, dynasty of China that ruled from 618 to 907. It was founded by Li Yuan and his son Li Shih-min, with the aid of Turkish allies. The early strength of the T'ang was built directly upon the excellent system of communications and administration established by the Sui.
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 dynasty; it also was a center of Nestorian Christianity (see Nestorian ChurchNestorian Church,
officially the Assyrian Church of the East, Christian community of Iraq, Iran, and SW India. It represents the ancient church of Persia and is sometimes also called the East Syrian Church. It numbers about 175,000, including emigrants to the United States.
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). Marco Polo was an official there from 1282 to 1285. Yangzhou is famous for its storytellers (who still perform today) as well as for its historic buildings and former palaces. The city was formerly known as Jiangdu.
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14) In addition, he assigned Guangling as the Eastern Capital (Dongdu and Jinling as the Western Capital (Xidu and seat of the government.
Once Li had arrived in Guangling he levied many troops, plotting to seize all of Jiangzuo for himself.
Mr Kong was accompanied by Chen Xi, director of Guangling District; Xiang Ma, vice-director of Guangling Industrial Park and Danny Ji, manager of the park's investment promotion department.
Mr Chen and his team were impressed with the long history, advanced technology and achievements of Broadbents and pleased that the company was continuing its investment with Guangling Industrial Park in Yangzhou.
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