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Santagata gives a thorough rendering of the strife between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions in Dante's Italy, the former the party of the pope, the latter that of the Holy Roman Emperor, the conflict having begun, in Italy, during the reign of Frederick I (1152-1190) of the House of Hohenstaufen.
This theme, which not long ago deserved the attention of political scientists such as Hendrik Spruyt, is closely connected with the problem of factions: in particular with the survival of the Guelf and Ghibelline parties, whose relevance to the Italian political system during the Renaissance has been pointed out in several recent studies.
This overview is also useful for understanding the historical matrix from which emerged Dante's Comedy, a work which may also be read as coming out of the tradition of tenzoni or "paper wars" waged between Guelf and Ghibelline poets.