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, guerilla
Botany a form of vegetative spread in which the advance is from several individual rhizomes or stolons growing rapidly away from the centre, as in some clovers.
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the term applied to partisan warfare in Spain and the Latin American countries. The best known is the Spanish guerrilla of the Spanish Revolution of 1808-14, which united the liberation struggle of the Spanish people against the French occupation with the struggle against feudalism.

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The first three chapters lay the framework of the argument, outlining the contention that the strategy, tactics, and logistics of guerilla warfare were products of the gendered roles, relationships, and identities of the antebellum household.
The remainder of the book addresses the material culture of guerilla society, analyzing both the practical uses and social meanings of food, clothing, horses, armaments, and rituals of remembrance.
As the cases of the Irish Republican Army and the Basque separatist force known as the ETA show, guerillas can sometimes be bought off with political concessions.
According to the Maoists, the base force of about 30,000 guerillas have all been trained in the technical skills needed for making and planting improvised explosive devices - the notorious IEDs that Americans face in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In an effort to augment supplies, North Korean guerillas will target CFC supply routes, civil-military operations (CMO), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Guerilla groups have denied involvement in the murder.
The guerillas even gunned down four Macedonian police officers 13 months before the recent fighting broke out, and issued official communiques calling themselves the "Albanian National Army." Few in the West noticed, and those who did discounted the significance.
By slandering the guerillas it is hoped that the aid sent to destroy them can be justified, while attention is drawn away from the real culprits.
In general, the impact of guerilla pressure, added to the instability that has resulted from the spread of armed conflicts throughout the country, has had significant effects on Colombia's economy.(45) Every year Colombian society spends millions of pesos in private security to lower the risk of attacks on people and property.
After 45 nervous minutes exposed in the water, the team and their guerilla allies moved to the village of Abijao, where the scouts were welcomed like royalty.
If anything, American actions have reinforced this bias" by, for instance, providing the Salvadorans with sophisticated hardware that is useless against the hit-and-run tactics of the guerillas.
"Guerilla government" is the term O'Leary (public administration, Syracuse U.) uses to refer to the actions of career public servants who work against the wishes of their superiors without (or before) moving to go public with their dissent and become whistle-blowers.