Forbidden City

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Forbidden City:

see BeijingBeijing
or Peking
, city and independent municipality (2010 pop. 19,612,368), capital of the People's Republic of China. It is in central Hebei prov., but constitutes an independent unit (6,564 sq mi/17,000 sq km) administered directly by the national government.
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 and Chinese architectureChinese architecture,
the buildings and other structures created in China from prehistoric times to the present day. Early Architecture

As a result of wars and invasions, there are few existing buildings in China predating the Ming dynasty (1368–1644).
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Forbidden City

1. Lhasa, Tibet: once famed for its inaccessibility and hostility to strangers
2. a walled section of Beijing, China, enclosing the Imperial Palace and associated buildings of the former Chinese Empire
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