Guibert de Nogent

Guibert de Nogent


(Guibertus). Born 1053 in Clermont; died about 1124 in Nogent. French chronicler. Abbot of the monastery in Nogent (beginning in 1104).

Guibert de Nogent is the author of a chronicle about the First Crusade (1096-99) that contains features new to medieval historiography. It expresses national feeling in its praise of the exploits of Frenchmen, and there are elements of a critical attitude toward sources in its attempts to distinguish between actual facts and devout fantasies. Guibert de Nogent’s memoirs (About My Life) give a realistic picture of life in French feudal society.


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Yocum brings in additional accounts of Guibert de Nogent and Peter the Venerable to show how profound a role Carthusian austerity and solitude played in the reform of Christian theology, and how popular Petrarch's writings about it were within the order.
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Guibert de Nogent coped with Jewish objections to the doctrine, and his own anxieties about it, by asserting that the privy parts of the Virgin Mary were purer than Jews' mouths.