Guidance systems

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Guidance systems

The algorithms and computers utilized to steer a vehicle along a path. The types of vehicles include airplanes, rockets, missiles, ships, torpedoes, drones, and material transport vehicles within factories and so forth. The means of steering depend on the vehicle and can be the rudder, elevators, and other control surfaces on an airplane, the rudder on a ship, the control surfaces on a missile or on a torpedo, the gimbal angle of the motor on a rocket, and others. In every case the guidance system utilizes knowledge of the difference between where the vehicle should be and where it is. The difference between these two vectors is processed by the guidance algorithm. The output is a steering command intended to reduce the error between the desired and the actual paths. See Control systems, Flight controls, Ship powering, maneuvering, and seakeeping

Several important performance attributes contribute to the effectiveness of the system. These attributes are governed by the guidance system and by the other system components, including the vehicle itself and its dynamic behavior.

A primary concern is accuracy. Whether the goal is to insert a satellite into synchronous orbit or to try to intercept an enemy aircraft with an air-to-air missile, the accuracy of the sensor and the properties of the guidance system are the principal factors.

Another concern is speed of response. Here the dynamics of the vehicle itself can be a limiting factor. The guidance system must compensate to the extent possible in providing a fast, responsive system. The system should be able to recover from errors as quickly as possible and return to the desired path. In the case of homing on a target, this is crucial if the target can maneuver. Coupled with the need for a quick response is the simultaneous need for a stable response.

Another important feature of the system is its robustness. The guidance system design is based on a mathematical model of the vehicle, the autopilot, and the sensor. The guidance system must provide good overall performance despite this.

Reliability is also important. In many cases, backup components are provided for redundancy. This is frequently the case for the digital computer of the guidance system, especially for crewed space flight. See Reliability, availability, and maintainability

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The most common types of linear guidance systems are:
Zed Tunnel Guidance systems originally employed two separate transducer units to create the target - an optical sensor, and a gravitational sensor, which were relatively bulky and required additional cabling.
As the prime contractor for the Navy's Trident D5 missile guidance system, the company oversees the MARK 6 MOD 1 development team of more than 700 engineers from Draper and its major subcontractors as it modernizes the missile's MARK 6 inertial guidance system.
Since integrating the QuadTech Register Guidance System with MultiCam and the QuadTech Register Motorization through the QuadTech ICON platform earlier this year, Eunice-based Louisiana State Printing reports rising efficiency and productivity and lower waste.
Assembly Guidance Systems introduced Micro LaserGuide with AutoFocus, reportedly the only laser projector on the market that can determine its distance from a part, allowing it to tune the laser automatically to project a sharp line.
A special tool allows users to edit voice guidance messages on a PC, doing away with the need for studio recording and making voice guidance systems easy to develop.
Computer-based career guidance systems had their genesis in the late 1960s shortly after the invention of the cathode ray tube, a device that allowed a system user to be physically separated from a computer and to respond to scripted messages, thus simulating an interview.
Feature articles cover sprayers, tenders and trailers, valves and hoses, mixing and blending equipment and guidance systems.
Revisions to New York City code will soon require Photoluminescent (PL) safety way guidance systems in many high rise commercial properties.
Perceptron's AutoGuide robot guidance systems have been selected by DaimlerChrysler Corporation to automate assembly operations in the production of a new model Mercedes-Benz to be produced in 2004.
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory (CSDL), Cambridge, Mass., is being awarded a $13,879,967 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the development and evaluation of critical technologies and skills uniquely related to strategic guidance systems. CSDL will be responsible for managing the TRIDENT II (D-5) Guidance Applications Program which includes the development of a computer based integrated engineering environment to support the replacement of existing technologies for the TRIDENT II (D-5).
Merville Shaw's (1973) School Guidance Systems became an important component in my teaching and writing efforts, and his work is a major contributor to my own school counseling text.

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