Gukovskii, Matvei

Gukovskii, Matvei Aleksandrovich


Born May 8 (20), 1898, in St. Petersburg; died Feb. 6, 1971, in Leningrad. Soviet historian; doctor of historical sciences (1939).

Gukovskii graduated from the Leningrad University in 1923 and became a teacher there in 1934 (a professor from 1937). During 1946–69 he was the director of the Scientific Library of the State Hermitage; in 1959 he became head of the subdepartment of medieval history in the history department of Leningrad State University. Gukovskii made an especially important contribution to the study of the Italian Renaissance. He was a member of the International Institute for the Study of Leonardo da Vinci (Raccolta Vinciana) and the Institute of Leonardo da Vinci (Amboise, France).


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