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, gilder, gulden
1. the former standard monetary unit of the Netherlands, divided into 100 cents; replaced by the euro in 2002
2. the standard monetary unit of the Netherlands Antilles and Surinam, divided into 100 cents
3. any of various former gold or silver coins of Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands



(florin). (1) Monetary unit of the Netherlands, equal to 100 cents. It was introduced in 1816. One gulden contains 0.245489 g pure gold. According to the rate of exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR on Jan. 1, 1971, 100 gulden = 25 rubles.

(2) Gold, then silver, coin in some European countries from the 14th through the 19th century.

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Villani reported that the importer is running a consumer promotion through the end of 2012, in which fans of the Gulden Draak brands are encouraged to join the Gulden Draak World Ambassador program.
28) According to Merry Wiesner, mid wives in South German cities in the late fifteenth century were paid between 2 and 8 gulden annually.
Gulden and Schanze are part of a new breed of CEO, integrating business and pleasure.
Not long out of Harvard, Ellen Gulden (Zellweger) is trying to make a name for herself with a major investigative piece for New York magazine when she is informed by her father, George (William Hurt), that her mother, Kate (Meryl Streep), is about to undergo cancer surgery and that Ellen is needed to stay at home to care for her.
The yearly income of the count of Wurttemberg between 1483 and 1486 ranged from 44,339 to 48,451 gulden; at the same time he was borrowing; between 25,000 and 35,200 gulden annually.
She's never been close to her mother, never understood, much less appreciated what Kate Gulden does.
His early, subjective poetry includes Het vaderhuis (1903; "The Father House"), about his childhood; De boomgaard der vogelen en der vruchten (1905; "The Orchard of Birds and Fruit"), on his youth and courtship; and De gulden schaduw (1910; "The Golden Shadow"), on his marriage and fatherhood.
Ellen Gulden, 24, on the brink of the big time in Manhattan, is browbeaten by her imperious Enghsh professor father to jettison her emerging career and her jerk boyfriend, move back to a small college town and tend to her mother, Kate, who has been cruelly struck by terminal liver cancer at age 46.
Their research used a double-shuttle pressure former made by Gulden Machinery, Vancouver, Wash.
Regardless of years of experience," says Deanna Gulden, president of the secretaries' local, "nine out of 10 secretaries remain at step one.
Nocks is the first all-digital payments platform built upon the Gulden blockchain - a safe and fast decentralised blockchain that is easy to use for sending or receiving payments with as little effort or cost as possible.
In redeveloping 330 Hudson, our team was dedicated to providing the most advanced infrastructure to support tech-driven companies, while also offering the unique, flexible spaces," said Christopher Gulden of Beacon Capital.