Gulf of Alaska

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Alaska, Gulf of


an open gulf in the Pacific Ocean between the Alaskan Peninsula and the North American mainland. The Gulf of Alaska is more than 2,200 km wide at its mouth and reaches a depth of 5,659 m. The archipelagoes of Kodiak, Alexander, and the Queen Charlotte Islands are located in the Gulf of Alaska. Tides are semidiurnal, reaching 12 m, and mixed, reaching 6.8 m. The chief ports are Seward in Alaska and Prince Rupert in Canada. The Russian geographer F. P. Litke established the first marine observatory in the Pacific Ocean in 1840 on Baranof Island in the Gulf of Alaska. There is a fishing industry.

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The relatively large catch estimates for 1977-78 in the Aleutian Islands and 1982-83 in the Gulf of Alaska are an indication that at least some directed fishing probably occurred in those years.
AFD&G states, "Federally managed sablefish found in the Bering Sea and in the Gulf of Alaska are considered one population with migration occurring between these regions.
The North Pacific giant octopus is found throughout the North Pacific Ocean from Japanese waters to the Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea, and the Gulf of Alaska and in coastal waters in the eastern Pacific as far south as Southern California (Jorgensen, 2009).
A plume of smoke rises from a derelict Japanese ship after it was hit by cannon fire by a US Coast Guard cutter in the Gulf of Alaska. The ship had drifted across the Pacific after being dislodged by last year's tsunami
NAOMI MATTHEW: 6.00 Save The Bees, 6.30 Zip Lock, 7.00 Gulf Of Alaska, 7.30 Sajjhaa, 8.00 Comedy Act, 8.30 Restless Bay.
Northern Edge operations were conducted within the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex, which includes more than 60,000 square miles of air space and the Gulf of Alaska, encompassing 50,000 square miles of air space.
On a second expedition in 1741 he was the first European to reach the Gulf of Alaska and to chart the Alaskan coastline and the Aleutian Islands.
It's almost 4 p.m., and we leave the bay and head west through the strait for the Gulf of Alaska. As we move along, at about 13 mph, we notice a seagull flying along beside us 30 feet or so off the water and about 100 yards out.
SPOT LLC, the manufacturer of the satellite based SPOT messenger system, has announced that an upgrade to a satellite ground station located in Wasilla, Alaska has allowed the company to extend coverage for the system, so that it can now offer a service to all SPOT system users across the entirety of Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands and the surrounding maritime regions as well as the Gulf of Alaska and portions of both the North Pacific and South Arctic Oceans.
After the editors introduce the objectives of the study, contributors give a brief history of the ocean ecology of salmon in the northeast Pacific Ocean, compare coastal distributions of juvenile salmon from central California to the northern Gulf of Alaska, describe stock-specific migrations of juvenile coho derived from coded-wire tag recoveries, describe epipelagic fish assemblages in the neritic waters of the California and Alaska Currents, analyze motile salmon lice, compare feeding patterns, describe regional variations in the marine growth and energy accumulation of juvenile Chinook and coho, and give mortality rates for chum salmon during their early life in the open sea.
Seventeen years after the massive oil spill triggered by the grounding of the Exxon Valdez on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, the large scale of the damage to pristine marine ecosystems of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska remains clear, although the actual scope of the specific long-term environmental damage is harder to characterize.
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