Gulf of Cambay

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Cambay, Gulf of


a gulf in the northern Arabian Sea, on the western coast of India. It extends 250 km inland, separating the Kathiawar Peninsula from the mainland. The gulf is up to 36 m deep. The Narbada and Tapti rivers flow into it. The tides are mixed, reaching a height of 11.9 m. Port cities on the gulf are Surat (on the Tapti River estuary) and Bhaunagar.

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The evidence from India suggests that settled life only started around 7000 BC and there is no question of the existence of a developed city at that time,' points out Dr Vasant Shinde of Deccan College, specialist in Indian protohistory and the Indus Valley, who has himself extensively surveyed the Gulf of Cambay.
The-fact that the Gulf of Cambay guards its secrets so possessively does not make matters any easier.
Indian marine scientists recovered artifacts, including pottery clays, in the Gulf of Cambay off the coast of Surat in the western state of Gujarat, Science and Technology Minister Murli Manohar Joshi said.
Tenders are invited for Master Consultancy Services for the EPC Project Work of Conveyance (On Shore Pipeline including pumping station with electrical, mechanical and Instrumentation components) and Marine Disposal (Offshore pipeline with diffuser) of Treated Industrial Effluent into the Gulf of Cambay at Dahej Coast for Dahej PCPIR Area.
Tenders are invited for Appointment Of Master Consultant For The Turnkey Project Work Of Conveyance And Marine Disposal Of Treated Industrial Effluent Into The Gulf Of Cambay At Dahej Coast
Request for Proposal- Selection of Integrated Ro-Pax Vessel cum Terminal Operator at Gogha - Dahej for the RO-RO ferry service across the Gulf of Cambay, Gujarat, India