Gulf of Darien

Darien, Gulf of


a gulf in the southwestern Caribbean Sea, off Colombia and Panama. It extends 165 km into land and in its open section reaches a depth of over 2,000 m. The average annual water temperature at the surface is 26°C. Its salinity is over 36 parts per thousand. The tides are uneven, occur twice a day, and have an average height of 0.6 m. The narrow southern part of the Gulf of Darien is called the Gulf of Urabá.

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To worsen matters, the Spanish finally decided to move against the colonists from their bases at Portobelo, to the north, and Cartagena, across the Gulf of Darien. A friend of Paterson's, Thomas Drummond, whose brother captained the Caledonia in the first expedition, wanted to defend the colony, against the Spanish, but Byres did nothing, abandoning the settlement and fleeing to Jamaica.