Gulf of Martaban

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Martaban, Gulf of

(märtəbăn`, –bän`), arm of the Andaman Sea, indenting S Myanmar and receiving the waters of the Sittaung and Thanlwin (Salween) rivers. The small port of Mottama (formerly Martaban), located at the mouth of the Thanlwin across the river from Mawlamyine, is famous for its glazed pottery.

Martaban, Gulf of


a gulf in the northern Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Burma. The Gulf of Martaban is about 150 km long, about 220 km wide at the point of entry, and up to 20 m deep. The gulf has semidiurnal tides of 7.2 m. Rangoon, an important ocean and river port and the capital of Burma, is situated at the mouth of the Rangoon River, which empties into the Gulf of Martaban.

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Fishermen came across the rusted and empty vessel, bearing the name "Sam Rataulangi PB 1600", drifting in the Gulf of Martaban, about 11 kilometres (seven miles) off the coast of Myanmar's commercial capital.
Lun Thi and Thai Energy Minister Prommin Lertsuridej on Saturday, officials of the two countries signed production-sharing contracts for exploitation of oil and natural gas at blocks M-3 and M-4 in the Gulf of Martaban by the state-run Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise and PTTEP, the New Light of Myanmar newspaper reported Sunday.
It was as far back as the early 1980s when the national oil company of Myanmar first discovered the massive Yadana gas field, situated 43.5-miles offshore in the Gulf of Martaban. It is ranked as one of the world's giant gas fields with estimated gas reserves of more than five trillion cubic feet.

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