Gulf of Tonkin

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Tonkin, Gulf of,

NW arm of the South China Sea, c.300 mi (480 km) long and 150 mi (240 km) wide, between Vietnam and China. The shallow gulf (less than 200 ft/60 m deep) receives the Red River. Haiphong, Vietnam, and Peihai (Pakhoi), China, are the chief ports. An alleged attack (Aug., 1964) by North Vietnamese gunboats against U.S. naval forces stationed in the gulf led to increased U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War (see Tonkin Gulf ResolutionTonkin Gulf resolution,
in U.S. history, Congressional resolution passed in 1964 that authorized military action in Southeast Asia. On Aug. 4, 1964, North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin were alleged to have attacked without provocation U.S.
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Tonkin, Gulf of


(in Vietnamese, Bac Bo), a bay of the South China Sea on the shores of China and Vietnam.

The Gulf of Tonkin is separated from the open sea by the Luichow Peninsula and the island of Hainan. The gulf reaches 330 km inland. The width of the gulf at its entrance is 241 km, and its depth is 40–82 m. In the north, between Hainan and the continent, the Gulf of Tonkin is connected with the sea by the Hainan Strait. Tides are diurnal; high tide reaches 5.9 m. The port of Haiphong (Democratic Republic of Vietnam) is on the Gulf of Tonkin.

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this morning, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) announced that a tropical depression in the Gulf of Tonkin has officially developed into Tropical Storm Kajiki (marlin), the 14th tropical storm of the year.
s 55 YEARS AGO (1964) North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boats pursued the destroyer the USS Maddox,on patrol in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Mr Bolton and other hawks in the Trump Administration seem to following a well-worn script: Push the offending country into a corner either militarily or economically, bring more troops to the area, use minor or manufactured incidents like the Gulf of Tonkin episode or the presence of weapons of mass destruction to justify a military response, and then see it spiral out of control.Iranians are fed up with the unfair and punishing sanctions that even very intelligent and educated class, who even detest the Iranian regime, are ready to fight voluntarily if US offends.
It could be an American or Israeli or Saudi intelligence operation seeking to create a pretext for a US attack on Iran (like the 'Gulf of Tonkin incident' created a pretext for the US to start bombing North Vietnam in 1964).
Hanoi, Vietnam, Vietnam, January 12, 2019 --( Heritage Cruises' four-day Heritage Expedition ( is especially designed for those who love exploring and immersing themselves in local life, nature, culture, and adventure in discovering the authenticity of the Gulf of Tonkin.
Congress adopted the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing President Lyndon Johnson to use military force in Vietnam, based upon a purely fictional second attack in the Gulf of Tonkin by the North Vietnamese.
Separate chapters recount the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the USS Pueblo incident, the SS Mayaguez incident, the Black Sea bumping incident, and ChinaAEs ongoing effort to establish its maritime claims.
Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, who is on a nine-day trip to China, visited the container port at the Beibu Gulf (Gulf of Tonkin) yesterday as part of his tour of key nodes along the STC.
The disputes include the islands, reefs, banks, and other features of the South China Sea, including the Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands, and various boundaries in the Gulf of Tonkin.
William Fulbright, Southern senators and congressmen expressed objections to increasing US intervention in Vietnam in these early years, but ultimately backed fellow Southerners Lyndon Johnson and Dean Rusk in supporting the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.