Gulick, Luther

Gulick, Luther (Halsey)

(1865–1918) physical education/youth leader; born in Honolulu, Hawaii. A child of Congregational missionaries, he took an M.D. from what is now New York University. While training physical education teachers at the Springfield, Mass., Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) Training School (1886–1903), he contributed to developing the new game of basketball. He also designed the YMCA's official triangle emblem. Moving to New York City, he became director of physical education for New York City's public schools and organized the Public Schools Athletic League. Head of the Russell Sage Foundation's child hygiene department (1907–13), he promoted physical health through books and speeches. In 1910 he founded the Camp Fire Girls with his wife, Charlotte Vetter Gulick.
The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography, by John S. Bowman. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 1995. Reproduced with permission.
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