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see KumayriKumayri
or Gyumri
, formerly Leninakan
, city (1989 pop. 122,587), in Armenia, near the Turkish border. It has varied light manufactures. The old craft of rug making is practiced. Kumayri is the most important Armenian industrial center after Yerevan.
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, Armenia.
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Address for Correspondence: Asuman Deniz Gumru celikel, Department of Orthodontics, Istanbul University School of Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey
The age-bracket most involved lay between 41-50 years (32.9%), followed by the 31-40 years group bracket (22.4%), which reinforces the preference for middle-aged women, as reported (Gumru, 2013; Budimir et al., 2014; Eisen, 2002).
Yazar Ermenistan-Turkiye sinirinin belirlenmesi ve bu baglamda Bolsevik rejimi ile ilgili detaylari verip Gumru Antlasmasinin oneminin defalarca altina cizmis olsa da sayfa 164'de Ankara hukumetinin bir devlet olma durumunun ilk kez Bolsevik rejimi tarafindan Mart 1921'de imzalanan Moskova Antlasmasi ile gerceklestigini soylemektedir.
Turkey argued that Armenia did not officially recognize the existing common border between the two countries as established by the 1921 treaties of Kars and Gumru. Hence, as a prerequisite for establishing diplomatic relations, Turkey asked for an official statement stressing that the independent State of Armenia recognizes these treaties and respects the territorial integrity of Turkey.