Gun Camera

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gun camera

[′gən ¦kam·rə]
A camera used in gunnery training that records the image of the target at which it is aimed on a strip of motion-picture film.
A camera synchronized to a gun to record the results of firing, with the film revealing if the camera was correctly sighted on the target.

Gun Camera


a special motion-picture camera that operates simultaneously with a machine gun or automatic cannon; as the machine gun or cannon is fired, the camera provides a continuous, frame-by-frame exposure of two images—the target and the sight grid. Time-reference marks generated, for example, by a clock within the gun camera may also be recorded on the film. Gun cameras are electrically driven and have exposure frequencies no greater than 15 frames per second. They are used primarily for training aircraft gunners—both to evaluate firing accuracy during training flights and to conduct exercises in simulated motion-picture trainers on the ground.

Gun Camera


a camera equipped with a telephoto lens and attached to a mount constructed in the form of a gun stock. The mount makes it possible to hold the camera rigidly during exposure; it is equipped with devices for releasing the shutter and focusing the lens. Gun cameras are designed for photographing distant objects, especially those that cannot be approached more closely, such as wild animals and birds.

camera gun

A cine camera, aligned with the guns of an aircraft, for filming the aircraft sight, target, and path followed by aircraft shells (if fired). A camera gun is used primarily for training without the firing of guns. It is normally mounted over the gun sight. Also known as a gun camera.
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