Kuo Hsi

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Kuo Hsi


Born circa 1020; died circa 1090. Chinese landscape painter and art theoretician.

Kuo Hsi created a number of magnificent, severe mountain scenes, painted in a pure line of India ink, with carefully rendered details (Mountains in Autumn After Rain, Freer Gallery in Washington; Lone Valley, City Museum in Shanghai; and Spring Snow in the Kuan Mountains, 1072, and Village on the High Mountain, both in the Kukung Museum in Peking). In a treatise on painting, which was supplemented and published by his son Kuo Ssu, Kuo Hsi called for a profound study of nature and formulated the main laws of spatial construction and perspective in Chinese painting.


Chang An-chih. Kuo Hsi. Shanghai, 1959. (In Chinese.)
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