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, common name for the largest members of an order of game birds called pigeon-toed fowls, which includes the white-crested guan and the rufous-bellied chachalaca, Ortalis wagleri.
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OCCUPATION WORKTIME REQUIRED Retiree earning minimum pension 1.6 months Day-care worker earning minimum salary 1.1 months Professor 21 days State worker earning average salary 17 days Cuentapropista hairdresser 14 days Physician 11 days Varadero hotel housekeeper 5 days Cuentapropista streetside snack vendor 5 days Meat vendor in farmer's market 4.5 days Average cuentapropista (earning pesos) 4.1 days Unlicensed bicitaxi 3 days Cuentapropista tire repair 2.8 days Cuentapropista home rental (provincial) 2.7 days Average cuentapropista (earning dollars) 6 hours * Calculations are based on salaries and prices observed in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Ciego de Avila and Hol- guon. Farmers' market prices were 9% higher in Havana than in the provinces.
Guon Yim Chiu, 38, admitted the manslaughter of his wife Xue Dan Luo, 31, at Liverpool crown court yesterday .
Guon Yim Chiu, 38, admitted the manslaughter of his wife Xue Dan Luo at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday .