Guoncho Belev

Belev, Guoncho


Born June 12 (24), 1889, in Ikhtiman; died Jan. 24, 1963, in Sofia. Bulgarian writer. Member of the Bulgarian Communist Party from 1944. Work first published in 1914.

Belev wrote a series of semibiographical novels under the general title Incidents From the Life of Minko Minin (1940–58); the new edition is entitled Panorama of an Epoch. The novels depict the growth of revolutionary consciousness in Bulgarian society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Characteristic of Belev’s work are the skillful depiction of everyday life, the inclusion of a wide range of incidents and events, and the introduction of publicistic elements. He was awarded the Dimitrov Prize in 1950.


Panorama na edna epokha, vols. l-[3], bks. [l]-5. Sofia, 1960–67.
In Russian translation:
Sluchai iz zhizni Minko Minina. Moscow, 1951.