(until 1946, Neuhausen), a city, the center of Gur’evsk Raion, Kaliningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Railroad station (Gur’evsk-Novyi) 7 km northeast of Kaliningrad. The city was founded in 1262. It was renamed in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union Major General S. S. Gur’ev. who perished in the assault on the city of Konisberg (now Kaliningrad) during the Great Patriotic War (1941–45).



a city (since 1938) in Kemerovo Oblast, RSFSR. Situated in the foothills of the Salair Ridge. Terminal on the branch line from Belovo. Population, 27,000 (1970).

Gur’evsk arose in 1815 with the construction of a silver foundry, which later became a metallurgical works (producing steel, rolled metal, and cast-iron and metallurgical articles). It is the site of a cement plant, a mineral-dye plant, and a plant for extracting and processing metallurgical fluxes.

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4 kV transmission line from the new transformer substation in Gurievsk area west of LLP" Roshchino "- the second stage"; - "Construction of VLI 0,4 kV from the TP in new Gurevsk - Phase Two"
Open Competition: the right to conclude a contract to perform work on the reconstruction stage II circular route near the seaside recreational area (northern bypass of the city of Kaliningrad to the reconstruction of the transport interchange with the Moscow prospectus) I stage of construction - from the interchange on Moskovsky Avenue to the interchange at Zelenogradsk inclusive entrance to the device to Gurevsk (I, II substeps)