Gurii Filippovich Zakharov

Zakharov, Gurii Filippovich


Born Nov. 27, 1926, in the city of Kimry, present-day Kalinin Oblast. Soviet graphic artist. Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR (1968).

Zakharov studied under E. S. Teis at the Moscow Higher School of Arts and Industry from 1946 to 1954, receiving additional artistic counseling from V. A. Favorskii. He works in the media of linocutting and etching. Zakharov’s works are characterized by a contemporary perception of reality that is permeated by poetic feeling. Their strict architectonic and rhythmic composition is expressed by the contrasting juxtaposition of black and white tones. Zakharov’s linocuts include The Mountain Ash (1961), Ten Minutes Past Midnight (1964), and Landscape With a Horseman (1964). Examples of his etchings are Rozhdestvenskii Boulevard (1968) and Solianka (1969).


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