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The leading reference site on the Web from Answers Corporation, New York & Jerusalem ( Answers aggregates dictionary and encyclopedia content from more than 100 sources in all fields. For example, it holds a complete copy of Wikipedia, and in the technology arena, it features Computer Desktop Encyclopedia (what you are reading now). A "1-Click Answers" client for Windows and Mac can also be downloaded that enables users to click on any word in any page and retrieve its definition.

Founded in 1999 by Bob Rosenschein as GuruNet, later renamed Atomica, the company then offered a smaller amount of similar content, but featured the 1-Click client rather than a public website. The company changed its name back to GuruNet and then to Answers when it launched the site in early 2005.
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GuruNet Corporation has three US patents for its technologies the company invented for retrieving fast and simple answers on the Internet.
In an effort to curb Internet plagiarism and show students that online works should be treated like those in print, GuruNet (www.
The company is GuruNet, and the service is called Answers.
Forbes magazine has termed Israeli startup GuruNet "the best Internet innovation in years.
A9 enables users to run a single query and see matching information from multiple sources, including GuruNet dictionary and encyclopedia, Amazon's "search the book" database of full-text book pages, and Web images from Google.
Gurunet, E-lance, and their ilk: talent brokerages that provide a new model for getting bids on specialized services, online RFPs for appraisal, and other services.
Revenues in 2007 included subscription revenue of $425 thousand that resulted from the recognition of revenue, previously deferred, from lifetime subscriptions to GuruNet, an information service we sold in 2003 and subsequently shut down in February 2007.
Jeff Cutler, chief revenue officer for GuruNet (creator of Answers.
Two that have been fairly new ones are Word Menu and GuruNet, both of which you can download and try for free.
has recently released the latest version of its one-click fact finder, GuruNet 4.
Companies like Atomica, formerly GuruNet, and Sentius are taking advantage of the growing popularity their products have had in the B2C arena and decided to adapt the tools to complement content used in the corporate environment.