a city (since 1931) on the Gus’ River (a tributary of the Oka) in Vladimir Oblast. RSFSR; railroad station 63 km south of Vladimir. Population, 65,000 (1970); 17,900 (1926); 40,000, 1939.

Gus’-Khrustal’nyi is an old center of the glass industry. It emerged in the middle of the 18th century in connection with the construction of a crystal plant. The city also has a glassworks, founded in 1929, producing window glass, automobile windshields, quartz glass, and mirrors. The Ste-klovolokno fiber glass plant, plants manufacturing fittings and creolin, a brickyard, and textile and construction material combines are also located in Gus’-Khrustal’nyi. The city has a branch of the Scientific Research Glass Institute and a glasswork technicum.


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