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(until 1946, Gumbinnen), a city in Kaliningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Situated at the point where the Krasnaia River empties into the Pissa River (the Pregolia River basin). Railroad station, 115 km east of Kaliningrad. Population, 22,000 (1970).

Gusev is a new center of the electrotechnical industry. (A plant making fittings for lighting engineering and the Mikro-dvigatel’ plant are located here.) It has mixed feed, cheese, and mechanical repair plants and a knitted-goods factory, as well as an agricultural technicum and a national theater. The city was founded in 1724 and was renamed in honor of Guards captain S. I. Gusev, who was killed on Jan. 6, 1945, in a battle near Gumbinnen.


Baevskii, I., and A. Ivanov. Gusev. Kaliningrad, 1969.
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Spirit, which landed in the planet's Gusev crater on Jan.
In front of a 35,000 capacity crowd in Moscow the striker opened the scoring from the penalty spot in 14 minutes after Rolan Gusev had been fouled in the box.
Electronic auction: execution of works on the project: "overhaul of the premises of the women~s consultation and overhaul of the built-in premises of the women~s consultation for a day hospital in the building of the state health insurance fund of the kaliningrad region" gusevskaya central district hospital "at 64 moskovskaya street in gusev, kaliningrad region
Yuri Gusev, Director General, Chairman of Directorate of VTB Bank (Armenia) CJSC, told ArmInfo's
And City face a huge second-leg salvage job after Oleh Gusev doubled their agony with a late second.
Rolan Gusev slid the ball into the path of Kirichenko who prodded it past defender Traianos Dellas and thumped a shot beyond stranded keeper Antonis Nikopolidis.
The game was only 68 seconds old when Gusev, who was to be a key figure in the opening 45 minutes, slid the ball into the path of Kirichenko, and he needed no second invitation to prod it past defender Traianos Dellas and thump a shot beyond stranded keeper Antonis Nikopolidis.
These technological treasures, Spirit and Opportunity, arrived at their intended destinations in Gusev Crater and Meridiani Planum, respectively, two sites that show evidence for past water.
The findings were made during a week long analysis of the rock in the Gusev Crater region where Spirit landed on January 3.
Taking baby steps at its landing site, Connecticut-size Gusev crater, Spirit began its main mission--analyzing rocks and soil for signs that the region may once have contained flowing water and might even have served as a habitat for life.