Gustave Aimard

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Aimard, Gustave


(pen name of Olivier Gloux). Born Sept. 13, 1818, in Paris; died there June 20, 1883. French writer.

Aimard fought in the bourgeois democratic revolution of 1848 in France. During the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71) he headed a battalion of writers. He was the author of an extensive cycle of historical adventure novels written under the influence of J. F. Cooper and T. Mayne Reid: The Trappers of Arkansas (1858), The Pirates of the Prairies (1859), and The Bandits of Arizona (1882). Not lacking narrative skill and dramatic tension, Aimard’s novels sympathetically reflected the harsh life of the Indian tribes of Mexico and Brazil.


In Russian translation:
Sochineniia [vols. 1–12]. St. Petersburg [1898–99].
Tverdaia ruka: Gambusino. Moscow, 1958.